TEDMED Front Line Scholarship Program United States

An essential part of TEDMED’s mission is assembling a diverse mix of individuals, each with an important perspective on new ideas, trends, treatments or technologies that can contribute to health and medicine. These individuals become our Delegates at TEDMED.


We are looking for innovators and collaborators from across society, whether from health, medicine, technology or not, to participate in an inclusive conversation about how to achieve a healthier future.


Today’s challenges are as much social and commercial as they are medical, and that puts us all on the Front Lines of this struggle. However, some candidates may need financial assistance to attend our annual event in person.


TEDMED’s Patron Fund provides scholarships to support exceptional individuals who would make outstanding Delegates, and who would greatly benefit from attending TEDMED, but who could not otherwise afford to participate.


If that describes you, and you are interested in applying for a Front Line Scholarship, get started by submitting an application today. To do so, please follow the prompts for “TEDMED’s Front Line Scholarship Program” when applying to attend.



TEDMED Front Line Scholarship

Are you an innovator or a leader on the front lines of health and medicine? Work for a start-up or a non-profit? In medical school?


What makes TEDMED unique is our diverse mix of Delegates, each with something vital to add to new ideas, trends, treatments and technologies in health and medicine. However, some great candidates may need help to attend.


TEDMED’s Patron Fund supports exceptional individuals who would be outstanding additions to our group of Delegates and who would significantly benefit from attending TEDMED.


If that’s you, apply today.  The deadline for all applications is March 25th. Full and half-scholarships will be offered, more half than full, to allow as many folks to attend as possible.  Scholarships do not cover travel and expenses.



The Patron Fund

The Patron Fund supports exceptional individuals from all disciplines and organizations with Full and Partial scholarships to attend the TEDMED event as Delegates. The Fund also supports the free simulcast of TEDMED’s program to teaching hospitals, medical schools, government agencies and approved non-profit institutions, around the world.



Read more http://www.tedmed.com/event/frontlinescholarship



Who is TEDMED?

TEDMED is the independent health and medicine edition of the world-famous TED conference, dedicated to “ideas worth spreading.” TED Talks have been viewed online over two billion times around the world. TEDMED is a non-profit that is wholly owned by The TEDMED Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Public Charity.


Created by TED’s founder, TEDMED convenes and curates extraordinary people and ideas from all disciplines both inside and outside of medicine in pursuit of unexpected connections that accelerate innovation in health and medicine. Best known for our annual event, TEDMED is a year-round global community.


TEDMED bridges the gap between science and the public by finding and sharing stories that inform, inspire, engage and provoke action across a broad, passionate community both inside and outside of health and medicine. TEDMED values inclusiveness, multi-disciplinary collaboration and diversity in its mission to catalyze a healthier world.





Contact information

You can send your message here http://www.tedmed.com/about-tedmed/faq?ref=contactUs

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