Philippine American Bar Association Foundation (PABA) Scholarship

The Philippine American Bar Association Foundation (PABA) is pleased to offer scholarships to law students of up to $2,000. This scholarship is available only to law students.




Prior or current service in the Asian Pacific American community, with emphasis in the Filipino – American community on the Southern California area


Leadership roles and experience


Academic excellence


Financial need




Complete the application form.


Include typed responses to the application questions.


Remember to sign the application. An e-signature is acceptable.


Attach a PDF copy of your current resume.


Attach a PDF copy of your law school transcript. An unofficial copy is acceptable.


Describe your current sources of income. Please limit your response to 250 words or less.


Describe your past and present community activities, including any involvement in the Asian Pacific American community or Filipino – American community, any leadership positions you have held, and your frequency of service. Please limit your response to 250 words or less.



Please understand that all information furnished to PABA and the PABA Foundation as part of your scholarship application will become the property of PABA and the PABA Foundation.



About PABA Foundation

The PABA Foundation was organized to encourage, support and foster the education and careers of Filipino-Americans in the legal profession and to promote and sponsor legal scholarship and public interest activities that will directly benefit the Filipino-American community in Southern California.


The Foundation seeks contribution from individuals, organizations and agencies in the public and private sectors to generate sufficient resources to:


Provide financial assistance to qualified law students who have demonstrated academic excellence in their legal studies and a commitment to social leadership.


Establish and operate academic and clinical fellowships in various Southern California law schools, government agencies and charitable organizations for legal professionals and law students pursuing careers in academia or public interest and providing community service to the Filipino-American Community.


Develop and subsidize educational programs, resources and events that promote legal awareness among the Filipino-American community such as (a) legal resource clinics to town hall meetings on relevant legal developments which directly impact the Filipino-American community, including, but not limited to, family law, immigration, business ventures, estates and trusts, criminal matters, taxes and real estate; (b) pamphlets which summarize legal rights and resources (in various dialects); (c) television, radio, internet “roadshows” and segments; and (d) local legal resource centers and libraries.


Develop and provide programs or other assistance to Filipino-American lawyers and judges to assist them in the advancement of their legal careers.




Apply and Send your application to




Contact information

Philippine American Bar Association

131 N Kingsley Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90004


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