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I Love The Planet offers free eLearning training courses from US and UK partner online school of your choice. The I Love The Planet assist individual students worldwide with a fund that cover e-learning training course and educational support needs. I Love The Planet provides free educational grants for people with lower and middle income, low-income or in poverty to have access to the online education.


Individuals in need can study any available educational courses from their home literally. This makes it possible for everyone with Internet connection in their own home or through an internet cafe to get free education and get a diploma. Subjects of study include all types of management courses, computer science, and diversified smaller courses.


All that is required for e-learning materials are included with courses in electronic format. This fund program started by providing educational grants for people with lower and middle income, low-income or in poverty to get access to the world’s best education, partnering with top educational organizations that offer courses online.


This is certification or diploma education type. Employers prefer to see specialization in the specific fields today, and everyone needs some additional proofs of knowledge in their resume. The possibility of obtaining and getting your certifications in your resume determines if more companies will be willing to call you for an interview or to progress in career.


All participants have the option to choose training courses in the UK or U.S. educational centers depending on their career plans. If you choose the UK training center, you will get certification from the UK. If you choose the U.S. based Center, you will get a U.S. certification. UK or U.S. educational centers available.



How to Apply for a Training Course Grant

There are no prerequisites or minimum levels of previous education or knowledge needed for the training courses, but you must be 18 years old minimally, and any older age is acceptable.


The courses start at a fundamental level and increase step-by-step. If a student has previous knowledge in a particular field, you may progress through courses faster than the average participant. Grant application process is radically simplified too.



What type of educational level is these e-learning training courses?

This is a certification program that is not “college degree,” high school or similar classification. This is just certification or diploma education type. A certificate is a document that affirms that an individual has gotten a particular education or has successfully passed a variety of tests or a test. Employers wish to see specialization in the exact fields today, and everyone needs some additional proofs of knowledge in their resume. Having a specialized knowledge and obtaining certifications and diplomas are important today. I Love The Planet’s educational project fills the gap between high school and college educational levels.



Why Earning Certifications and Diplomas is Important?

Having only a college or high school can’t fetch you anything in today’s business environment. Employers wish to see specialization in the exact field pretty often. The Degree is most times just a general knowledge proof in today’s global high concurrency environment.


People looking for job or progress in a career have diverse purposes for having certifications and diplomas, this is the reason this information is placed on a resume. Whoever has a bachelor’s or master’s degree views this information in the education sector of the CV.


Although, certifications might involve a wider range of activities, for instance, going for refresher courses after college or high school to meet professional requirements. Some other people have certificates just after the completion of the vocational and technical schooling which is a short- term that most times earns them job placement.


The possibility to obtain and get your certifications in your resume determines if more companies will be willing to call you for an interview or to progress in career.



Student Funding Application Guidelines Basic Criteria

  • Applications are seeking fund for e-learning education through the Internet only. This program doesn’t support live classroom training options.


  • Applications are seeking funds for education by educational bodies accepted by E-learning Education Fund for Everyone in Need program only. Partnering educational body inside the program is actually Special Skills Academy with their USA and UK e-learning centers.


  • Applications are seeking to fund for certification and diploma level type of training only. This program doesn’t support college or high school educational projects.


  • Applicant must be minimally 18 years old.


  • Applications that cannot demonstrate the poverty level cannot be funded.



The process

  • The application process is opened whole year.


  • Applications should be submitted by making use of the I Love The Planet application form and sent as an MS WORD attachment to an email.


  • Make sure you don’t send any extra documentation, for example, exam results, CVs, letters of support, etc. None of these will be used for the evaluation of your application. Suitable references will be sought for student applications that scale through the evaluation stage. During the initial registration, it is just required send to us the application form.


  • Every aspect of the application form has been added for a purpose. For you to evaluate your application against all the other applications, you have to incorporate text in every section of the application form. If you do not do this, your application will not be shortlisted.


  • Students are selected through an open application process, and grants are given proportionately to how fund levels are available.


  • Notifications will be forwarded to every applicant that their application was received. Emails would be sent to applicants on the 30th of December at the end of actual year to tell them if their application were successful or not. We make use of the contact email address you filled during application, therefore endeavor to write a correct address.


  • Applications from people living in the least developed countries defined by United Nations have an advantage over other applicants. UN List of Least Developed Countries (as of May 2016) you can find here.


  • Applications from people with donors interested to support them have an advantage over other applicants. Full details about “Donors Right Policy” you can find here.


  • Accepted applicants can start with education by Special Skills Academy immediately after approval.


  • All applications should be submitted in English.



When you are sure that you pass the basic requirements, then read the main guidance section specified above. Below you can find the list of courses you can study


Management Courses

Human Resource Management

Marketing Management

Sales Management

Project Management

IT Management

Tourism and Hotel Management

Investment Management

Real Estate

Investment Management

Insurance Management



Computer Courses

Microsoft Office

Windows 10

Microsoft Office 365

Google Adwords Exam Preparation

Google Analytics Exam Preparation



Quick Courses

Customer Service


Barista Basics

Espresso Coffee Machines Basics




Contact information

I Love The Planet

78 Jasmine St., Casper, WY 82604-4039, USA

Telephone: +1 307 459-1031


Read more https://ilovetheplanet.ngo/articles/free-funding-model-to-support-education-for-everyone/

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