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In the US, foster youth leaves the social services system when they turn 18 or graduate from high school. However, at this age, you can only find a few of them capable of starting adulthood on their own.


Imagine a foster child, with no family and no guardian trying to live an independent life. The experience could be intense and stressful.


The lack of bonding as an infant or a child can cause emotional and psychological trauma. This is quite difficult to overcome. Their lives deny them a stable emotional, social, and educational foundation.


Recent studies revealed that such prolonged stress alters the structure of the growing brain and highly impacts the physical and emotional well-being.


The Foster Care to Success (FC2S) works solely with the college bound foster youth. FC2S helps by providing tuition grants as well as money for the books, living stipend, and emergency funding for unexpected expenses that can derail any dedicated student on a tight budget.


FC2S also provide academic coaches, personal mentors, care packages and internship opportunities to the 5,000 young people we serve annually, enabling them to enjoy a college completion rate many times that of their peers who lack such support.



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Programs offered

The Casey Family Program Continuing Education and Job Training Scholarship

  • Casey Family Services Alumni Scholarship
  • Aim Higher Fellows
  • Reach USA
  • The Book Club
  • Student Care Packages
  • The Sponsored Scholarship Program
  • Red Scarf Project and Emergency Fund
  • Mentoring and Support



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The Sponsored Scholarship Program

Each year, FC2S connects hundreds of sponsors like you to college-bound youth aging out of foster care – giving you the opportunity to help fund a foster youth’s education.


100 percent of every donation made to the Sponsored Scholarship Program goes to helping a young person. And 100 percent is tax deductible.


61 percent of FC2S Scholars graduate within five years – a rate higher than the national average for all students. Nationally, statistics reveal that only between 3 and 10 percent of foster youth graduate from college.


This is because of an insufficient support, lack of appropriate guidance and financial need. The Foster Care to Success (FC2S) is helping foster youth beat the odds through our Sponsored Scholarship Program.


The program’s web of services provides the guidance, support and funding our students need to not only survive, but thrive in college.


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How does the Sponsored Scholarship Program work?

The Sponsored Scholarship Program funds tuition and certain approved living expenses for students at community colleges, public and private universities and career programs all across the country.


Organizations and corporations help invest by underwriting scholarships through the Foster Care to Success Foundation.



What else do scholars receive?

Every FC2S Sponsored Scholar receives the support they need to do well in school and graduate, including personal support from the FC2S Scholarship Team; academic and career coaching; three care packages a year; and the opportunity to apply for our Aim Higher Fellows Program.



Aim Higher Fellows Program

Aim Higher gives foster youth concrete information to help them understand the realities of receiving a post-secondary education, getting a job and becoming successful young professionals.


And as Fellows are taught to effectively communicate this information with others, our program creates a domino effect:


FC2S educate foster youth  →   Foster youth educate peers, parents & professionals  →  Foster youth, parents & professionals thrive and succeed



What Aim Higher Fellows does?

FC2S engages professionals to teach Fellows how to

  • Develop communication skills to understand and publicly speak to the foster care community
  • Leverage social media to reach a national audience
  • Build soft skills for the workplace



FC2S helps students craft messages and create informational videos that educate foster teens and caregivers about post-secondary readiness and success.


With professional help, students develop skits, in-person presentations and shoot video about a range of post-secondary topics, from balancing work, life and academics to understanding financial aid.



Who can I contact for more information?

For more information on the Sponsored Scholarship Program, contact the FC2S Scholarships and Grants team.


FC2S partners with organizations, foundations and individuals to deliver scholarships to foster youth across the country. With this funding and support, hundreds of young people reach their educational goals each year.


Foster Care to Success Sponsored Scholarships – This program is funded by organizations, individuals and families across the country, giving them the opportunity to help fund foster youths’ postsecondary education so they can achieve brighter futures.


  • $1,500 provides books and supplies for one student for one year
  • $2,500 helps a community college student attend classes for one year
  • $5,000 helps a university student attend classes for one year




Contact information

Foster Care to Success

21351 Gentry Drive

Suite 130

Sterling, VA 20166

Telephone: +1 (571) 203-0270




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