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DTIA offers a full scholarship position to a shelter or rescue worker to gain a much deeper understanding of behavior and training, body language, stress, fear, and how environment plays a major role in a dog’s life. The DTIA offers an opportunity to advance your career through this comprehensive, professional program. Attending the DTIA program can be a very wonderful decision for you.


The DTIA program prepare you for professional success in the dog training field. You get a world class education in pet dog training and behavior counseling.


Over the course of the 5 month program, students meet once-per-week to work with project dogs. This regular, frequent, and focused training allows you to fine-tune your mechanical skills and improve your timing.



As your skill set develops, you will begin coaching and receiving feedback from your peers in addition to support from your instructor. The observational skills you learn are invaluable to a professional trainer–you need the tools and experience to help clients troubleshoot their own training problems.


Confidence in your professional capabilities are facilitated through the type of purposeful practice you engage in at DTIA. Learn alongside your peers in a supportive and personal environment. At DTIA, you build relationships with your future colleagues as you help one another with your assignments and share resources.


Experience what it feels like to conduct a behavior consultation through direct observation and debriefing as a group. See the concepts you study throughout the course put into action as you watch and participate in real counseling sessions.


As you progress through your studies, you will take what you’ve learned and put it into practice in the safety of the class environment before carrying out your own consult assignment. Graduates have gone on to start businesses with fellow classmates, share job leads, and support one another with training projects.




Scholarship Application Requirements

The applicant must have worked for their current shelter or rescue for at least one year. To be considered for a scholarship please submit:


  • One letter of recommendation from a supervisor or manger at the shelter or rescue with contact information (email and phone number of supervisor)
  • Statement of Purpose explaining how you would use your education to benefit your shelter or rescue
  • Completed DTIA Application (application fee waived for scholarship applicants)



Scholarship Application Deadlines:

Spring Session – November 15th

Fall Session – June 1st




Minimum 100 hours experience from one or more of the following:


  • Volunteer dog walking for a shelter.
  • Professional dog walking.
  • Employment as a vet tech.
  • Employment as a kennel attendant.
  • Fostering dogs.
  • Pet sitting.
  • Assisting in/teaching dog training classes.
  • Participation in dog sports.




Application Tips

Everyone at DTIA wants each student to succeed and get the most out of the course. The review committee is looking for three main criteria to determine your fit for the program:


  • Experience with dogs
  • Experience communicating with people
  • Demonstrated motivation to commit to the process of learning about how dogs learn


Fill out the form as thoroughly as possible and contact us with any questions about the application, the process, or the program!


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Check that your desired session is open in your location

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Brooklyn, NY




DTIA Facts At A Glance

  • 5-month program running two times a year: Spring Session from January through May and Fall Session from August through December.
  • Part-time study (approx. 15 hours/week, evenings & Saturday).
  • Small group learning.
  • Taught in San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, CA, and Brooklyn, NY.
  • Based on the content of the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers.
  • Combines coaching sessions, video, and lecture.




What You Get From DTIA

  • A science-based program of advanced study and practice.
  • Experience planning, executing, and trouble-shooting behavior modification cases.
  • The chance to observe a variety of client consultations, participate in mock consultations, and conduct your own with feedback and guidance.
  • Instruction, guidance, and feedback from a master trainer.
  • A Certificate in Training and Behavior Consultation (CTBC).




What The Curriculum Covers

  • Dog behavior.
  • Animal learning and motivation.
  • Behavior issues: assessing, managing, modifying.
  • Cue training.
  • Client consultation techniques.
  • Business Basics and career guidance.
  • Ethics and best practices.



You can soon own your dog training business

Many professional trainers choose to start their own businesses seeing private clients, conducting training walks, providing day training and teaching public classes. While owning your own business isn’t the right fit for everyone, it does allow for a flexible schedule, the ability to be your own boss, and a desirable income.


Dog walkers, pet sitters, and daycare providers find they are better able to meet the training needs of their clients by offering day training services, adding training walks, and providing private consultations.


Managing group behavior is no easy task, but a thorough understanding of dog behavior and behavior modification can keep things running smoothly in the most safe and rewarding way possible.


After completing DTIA’s comprehensive, in-depth course in dog behavior, animal learning, client coaching, and hands-on cue training, continue your education by enrolling in a service dog specific course like the excellent one at  Service Dogs Inc.’s Trainers Academy.


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The Application Process

  • Apply at any time for your desired session
  • Pay the application fee: $50 (non-refundable)
  • You will receive an email confirmation of receipt of your application
  • Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified within 1 week (usually a day or two) if you have been accepted to your desired session
  • If accepted, your position will be held for 1 week to give you time to consider your decision
  • If you choose to enroll, you may secure your position by completing the program contract and submitting your deposit (payment plans available or see the scholarship requirements)




Why a 20-week instead of a 6-week program?

The 5-month term translates to approximately 7 hours of classes and about 8 hours of combined study and practice time per week. This allows you to work during the program.


The course length also means that you have time to process and absorb the material as you go along, which makes for an easier transition when going out on your own once the course is finished than after an intensive, accelerated, immersion-style course.



To know more about the scholarship, you may read the FAQs here




Contact information of the DTIA

Dog Training Internship Academy (DTIA)

San Francisco, New York City

Sacramento, CA

United States

Telephone: 1 415 319 2620



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