How To Create Your FSA ID?

The Federal Student Aid ID gives you access to the online systems. It also can serve as your legal signature. You should understand this one rule – use your own personal information for your own exclusive use! The Federal Student Aid does not allow and does not authorize you to create an FSA ID that is not yours, even if it is a family member. Misrepresentation is a criminal offense with civil penalty.


Beginning May 2015, the Federal Student Aid Pin has been replaced by the FSA ID. The new FSA ID is comprised of a user-created username and password for electronically accessing personal information on the Federal Student Aid websites, such as the,, and the


Step 1. Click on the link to create a FSA ID from or other U.S. Department of Education web sites, such as,, National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) and TEACH Grant.


Step 2. Create a username and password, and provide your email address. When choosing a username and password, remember that the FSA ID is an electronic signature used to apply for financial aid and sign loan promissory notes and other legal documents. Follow a few tips on how to choose a good password.


Step 3. Provide all required personally identifiable information (PII) such as your name, Social Security Number, date of birth, contact information as well as answers to the challenge questions you select.


Step 4. Link your Federal Student Aid PIN (if you have one) to your Federal Student Aid ID. If you have forgotten it or do not have a PIN, you don’t need a FSA PIN to create an FSA ID.


Step 5. Carefully review your information. Read and accept the terms and conditions on the FSA ID site.



Step 6. Check the email account for the email address that was used to create your FSA ID. Look for a message that contains a secure code you can use to confirm your email address on the FSA ID site. You will then have the option of using this email address instead of your username to access the various U.S. Department of Education web sites.


The FSA ID may be used to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) immediately. There may be a delay of a few days before the FSA ID can be used to login to the other U.S. Department of Education web sites. Never share your FSA ID with anyone else.


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