Central Scholarship For Maryland Students

Central Scholarship began in 1924 by providing vocational training scholarships for orphaned Jewish men. They have since grown and now provide funding for all post-secondary education including vocational, undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees without regard to gender, religion, race or ethnicity. They help the most underserved, to give those students a chance at a better life. The founders believed that education beyond high school was not a luxury, but a necessary step in creating self-sufficient people and a strong community.


In recent years, the demand for their services has grown exponentially. In 2012, they received nearly 4,000 applications for our general scholarship programs. Still, they were only able to fund less than ten percent of those who applied. The high number of applicants makes the scholarships and loans extremely competitive.


In 2011, they turned away 333 students that had a 4.0 grade point average and met all our other requirements. They have scholarship funds for graduate teacher education and bilingual social work students, both designed to create a pipeline of highly qualified professionals for Maryland. They also have funding for vocational training in fields such as healthcare where workers are in high demand.


Central Scholarship has been helping students pursue higher education since 1924. Students may apply online every year between January 1 and April 1.


The programs support education of all kinds, from vocational training to professional degrees. Each year, they award $1 million in scholarships and interest-free loans.


At Central Scholarship, they also want to help students and families make good financial decisions when it comes to their education. They offer an annual financial literacy event called College Cash to help students and parents get a firm grasp on all the various financial burdens and pitfalls that come with education.


The goal is to help them make the right decisions for their future from both a financial and educational perspective. In addition to College Cash, they hold numerous events for the students throughout the year including the Student Awards Ceremony and networking events.



The scholarship

Central Scholarship awards nearly $1 million in college scholarship programs each year. With more than 30 different scholarship programs, they offer opportunities for students at every level, from career and technology training, to undergraduate degrees, all the way through professional and graduate school scholarships.


Students can receive up to $10,000 a year, and up to $40,000 lifetime. Central Scholarship also offers a unique no interest loan. It’s like borrowing money from a rich uncle—you pay back exactly the amount you borrow and nothing more.


These scholarship programs are made possible through the generosity of our donors who invest in students, and believe in the pursuit of higher education without crippling debt.




GPA Above 2.0

You must be planning to attend an accredited United States college, university, community college or career school in the upcoming academic year.


You Are a Student from Maryland

You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. If you haven’t been a Maryland resident for at least one year, but you live within 200 miles of Baltimore City, you can still apply. You’ll be eligible for our interest-free loans only. Non-Maryland residents who are bilingual, and are pursuing graduate study in social work or mental health at Maryland schools, are also eligible, but only for the Stulman Endowed Scholarship.



Contact information

Central Scholarship

6 Park Center Court

Suite #211

Owings Mills, MD 21117

Telephone: 410 415 5558

Fax: 410 415 5501

Email: gohigher@central-scholarship.org


Read more http://www.central-scholarship.org/scholarships/overview/

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