Bridgewater College Student Employment Work-Study Program

Bridgewater College Student Employment Work-Study Program

Bridgewater College Student Employment Work-Study Program

Are you looking to work on campus while you study? You must first complete and submit an employment application indicating your areas of interest. The application can be found on the MvBC portal. Once received, the applications are reviewed to determine which students are eligible for the Federal Work-Study Program. Eligible students will be placed in open positions first.


Although preference is given to eligible students, there are still numerous positions available for students who are not eligible. Students are notified of their placement by correspondence to their BC email address.


The student employment program supports students by providing on campus employment, reducing the need to travel off-campus for employment and increasing pay, since student workers are not required to pay social security and Medicare taxes.


Students must complete and submit a student employment application indicating their areas of interest. Jobs are assigned based on areas of interest when possible but are not guaranteed.



Steps to becoming employed on campus

Complete the Application for Student Employment

Complete the Federal I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form

Federal W4 Tax Form

State VA4 Tax Form

Direct Deposit Form


Students cannot work and will not be paid for hours worked prior to the completion of all of the above listed paperwork. The Federal work-study students will receive priority in job placements.


The remaining jobs will be available for non-federal work-study students to apply. Once a job assignment is made, the student will receive an email from student employment providing the details of the job assignment.



The job assignment is not immediate because jobs are assigned on availability. The email will include the following

Job assignment


Hire date

ADP timekeeping registration instructions

An attachment with the required new hire paperwork, which should be completed prior to arriving at the Human Resources office

When to report to the Human Resources office to submit the required paperwork

Any other necessary instructions



Pay rate

Pay rate is at least equal to the federal minimum wage (currently $7.25/hr)

Pay day is every two weeks on Friday

Pay is received by direct deposit. Correct direct deposit information is necessary to avoid delay of payment



Further reading,


Bridgewater College Student Employment



Send your application to

Human Resources

Bridgewater College

402 East College Street

Bridgewater, VA 22812



Telephone: 800 759 8328 or 540 828 5375




Kim Harper, Director of Human Resources




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